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As corny as it sounds, we really do love weddings! An eye for the detail, emotion, and personality of your day, plus a style so distinctive it is referred to by many as “that Art of Joy look” make Amy and JP one of the Northwest’s  most respected and sought after photography teams. Photojournalism, yes, but fused with some dazzling portraits you will treasure.

Amy’s Bio
    I wasn’t born to photograph.  But I’m really glad it’s what I do!
    My road to photography is not the conventional one.  True, I received  my formal training while studying Journalism/Mass Communication in college, but to be honest,  that was one of a number of majors (6 to be exact) and  was tossed aside along with English, Business,  and History.   Despite my indecision, probably contributing to it, was the fact that college was all about the social experience.  So while the major was gone, the camera stayed and I spent the remainder of my college years documenting my experiences and relationship with my friends.   Upon (finally!) graduating with degrees in Interpersonal Communication and Special Education, my camera was packed away and I embarked on teaching career which lasted 13 years – a decision I have never regretted.
    So what happened?
    Fifteen years ago I married a photographer!  It didn’t take long for me to tag along and grab a camera for a few shots.  Then a few more.  Even more. And despite the fact that this was someone else’s event, with someone else’s friends, I still got the same charge out of capturing the moments that defined the day and defined the relationships.  The result was one of Portland’s first husband and wife teams photography teams.
    I left the school district in 2006 in order to spend more time with our two fabulous sons and to join JP in the studio.  2008 marked the launch of AJ’s Lifestyle Portraiture.
    And if you’re wondering – it’s still all about the social!  Check out my Twitter feed and feel free to follow the life and times of a photographer/wife/mother/really fun person!

JP’s Bio
    When I was 9 years old my dad bought me a Kodak Browine Hawkeye camera and from that time on the artist in me stirred... Okay, that is not my story. Yes, I did get a Brownie (hand-me-down, dad would not let me touch the good camera) but I had no clue what I was doing – heck, I was only 9 years old!
    Actually, my road to photography began because I was the class clown and was tossed from my art class.  Still in need of an art credit to graduate (and trust me, they wanted me out!) I was transferred to Photography and went from class clown to teacher’s pet. I loved the darkroom! I loved B&W films! I loved shooting anything with textures!
    Two years later, at the age of 18, I photographed my first wedding. The lovely couple was a friend’s older sister who had a budget of $100 (this was good in 1978). My meeting with her was me showing a portfolio of surfers, various piers around Southern California, old barns, windmills and a horse . I charged her $112 so I could buy the book “The Guide to Wedding Photography.”  I also want to thank my dad for the helpful hints he gave me on posing before I walked out the door – thanks dad!
    This was the day I fell in love with weddings. The photography came naturally to me, I had it all down, f-stops, shutter speeds, flash settings, but it was the subjects that threw me for a loop and yet excited me the most. All the emotion, tears and laughter, that was around the room – I wanted to capture it all.
    Fast forward to today, now with well over 1000 weddings under my belt (over 400 of these shooting as a team with Amy) I never tire of photographing a wedding. Even though many weddings can seem the same, every event is different to photograph with the mix of guest, family, traditions and emotions. I love weddings!

What makes us different?
    Fresh, distinctive, unique style
    Professional photojournalistic teams
    Documentary style color and B&W with a hint of contemporary imagery
    Custom designed mat albums & coffee table books not seen in other studios
    All inclusive coverage’s, no restricted packages
    AJ’s premiere DVD slideshows
Our Philosophy
    A wedding is a wonderful event that evokes once-in-a-lifetime memories — a time you will want to capture with sensitive, quality, professional photography. We know that you will be pleased with our coverage of your wedding. We specialize in capturing the mood, style and fun of your special day.
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