Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day; the pictures are amazing!!!!!!! - Ashley and Ethan


What an amazing surprise to come home to tonight!!  Thank you so much!  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!  We can't wait to see the rest!  I'm definitely liking it right now!  - Mina and Mitch


The pictures came out great. We are so happy! - Tiffany and Chris


Thanks so much for the trailer- It’s wonderful and I love the song! - Nicole and Taylor


The pictures you have posted so far, are over the top beautiful and magical. You've done such an amazing work! THANK YOU!!! You ARE the best! And I'm glad we chose you no matter what. You know what you are doing, you are professionals.  - Anete and Yoav


Thank you so much for all your extra efforts. These slides shows and such are amazing and show of your amazing talent! I couldn’t have asked for better photographers. I will recommend you to everyone!!! - Aimee and Rob


Thank you again for everything...your kindness.....your professionalism....and for you guys being a couple we aspire to be someday. Thank you...thank you! - Brook and Evan


Thank you so much John and Amy! The pictures are amazing, and we couldn’t have asked for better photographers. Thank you for putting us at ease, and capturing all of the wonderful moments of our wedding day! - Melody and Michael


Thank you John and Amy! The pics look amazing! The black & white of us dancing is our favorite so far! Great photos! Thank you AJ’s! - Lindsay and Gabe


YAY!!! Thank you JP and Amy. So fun…..can’t wait to see all of them. - Tiffany and Anthony


It was such a beautiful wedding. The photos captured it well. Many happy memories. - Kelley and Jim


LOVE LOVE them. It was a wonderful day, captured so beautifully well. - Kelly and Terrell


Gorgeous pictures! What a wonderful night. We had a blast and were so happy to be a part of it. Thanks for sharing the pictures. - Christie and Dan


Absolutely LOVE them! You managed to capture the little and most precious moments of our day. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to see the rest! - Genny and John


These pictures are totally wicked! Nice photographic skill. I am so surprised that you knew all those details, like where my dress was from and trying to find out where we were headed for our honeymoon! You guys are so great, and really care about all those little details. Love it :) - Melissa and Tom


Absolutamente fantastico! These are some awesome pictures! How did you get some of those? you had to be invisible because we didn’t see you – especially the sand ceremony one. Thank you very much!!! - Lisa and Lige


Thank you two so much for coming and making our wedding that much more memorable. I had an amazing time and couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. You were first class! - Riyan and Danielle


In 32 years I have never seen Pam happier or more beautiful…the photos certainly captured that..she was RADIANT!! What a lovely couple!!! John  aka “Dad” - Pam and Matt